The dinghy on board the LEEN

The dinghy is an essential piece of equipment on board a yacht, it offers great autonomy at anchor, and is most often used to reach the mainland, transport people and goods. It can also be used for fishing, discovery trips, towing water games (buoys and water skis).

It is also used for boat maintenance work.

The dinghy will be chosen according to the number of passengers on board, its frequency of use, weight, dimensions and storage on board.

Handling and storage of the tender on a LEEN:

  • In the standard version of the LEEN 56, the handling is done by a loading mast located at the Flying bridge. This is a simple, efficient and rational solution for mounting a 300 kg tender. The dinghy will be stored on the Flying bridge, whose large dimensions make it easy to grab it there, in addition to the outdoor saloon and the helm station.
  • You can also choose an optional telescopic crane on the flying bridge to handle your tender. The crane is operated by a remote control, allowing you to lift an annex (up to 400 kgs). The crane can also handle any load (jet-skis, vespa, etc..).
  • As an option, you also have the possibility to opt for a Tenderlift platform located around the rear deck of the central hull.  Handling and storage of the tender on the platform will be extremely easy. Embarking and disembarking the dinghy will be done quietly. This platform, which can be semi-submerged, will also be used for all nautical activities, departure for swimming, diving and paddle. In the port, the platform will act as a footbridge, acting as a real lift.
The dinghy on board the LEEN 1
Loading mast
The dinghy on board the LEEN
Tenderlift option for LEEN 72