Testimony of Patrick Marchesseau

Patrick Marchesseau, a seasoned commander of the Ponant company, is one of the few in France capable of sailing in ice. He is currently one of the two commanders of the high polar exploration cruise ship Le commandant Charcot.

 Commander Marchesseau carried out a sea trial on the LEEN 72 on 2 May in the bay of La Rochelle. He gives us his testimony.


« The LEEN 72 is a motor trimaran, trawler type, with three double cabins with en-suite bathroom and toilet and plenty of storage space, offering large, light interiors, a very well equipped galley and exceptional headroom throughout the boat.

From the outset, she has shown her manoeuvrability with a cross-current, thanks to her three propellers and bow thruster, despite her imposing windage.

When sailing, the LEEN 72 is propelled by the propeller of the central hull, coupled with the diesel engine, whose soundproofing is remarkable. Note the low fuel consumption (20 litres/hr at 10 knots)  which meets the manufacturer’s promises, the vessel having a very slight drag in its wake. Its 5000 litre tanks give this cruiser a wide range of action.

The propellers of the side hulls are coupled to electric motors, which offer a double use, either in manoeuvre or in “Zero emission” mode, thanks to the battery pack for navigation in protected or sensitive areas.

Similarly, the vessel has sufficient solar panels, subtly integrated into the superstructure to make them unobtrusive, to provide renewable energy autonomy when the vessel  is at anchor.

The upright planking is a guarantee of safety when moving around on the outer circular decks, which have a very high freeboard, to which a good step must be provided to facilitate disembarking on a pontoon.   

In conclusion, the LEEN 72 offers great comfort and innovative technical solutions for long-distance cruising ».