NEEL-TRIMARANS maintains its investment projects.

NEEL-TRIMARANS maintains its investment projects

Dear all, All the necessary safety measures to protect employees having been put in place, NEEL-TRIMARANS has decided to gradually restart production in its plants since April 14, 2020. NEEL-TRIMARANS will be one of the first companies in the nautical industries sector to resume production. This choice is motivated by three main reasons: To keep…
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Launch of the new LEEN-TRIMARANS range

It is at the famous international boat show in Düsseldorf, Germany, that NEEL-TRIMARANS exclusively announced the launch of its new range of motor trimarans. A new brand: LEEN-TRIMARANS The trimaran has proven to be the safest boat on the high seas and NEEL-TRIMARANS is convinced of its nautical qualities both under sail and motor. This…
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