When the anchorage rhymes with peace and silence

To be at anchor rather than in a marina is to choose calm and silence. However, sometimes the anchorage can be degraded on the one hand by the noise of the generator that powers the onboard equipment and on the other hand by the rolling.

However, aboard a LEEN, at anchor, you will suffer neither from the noise caused by the generator nor from rolling.

In fact, the basic 22kwh power package offers more than a day (24 hours) of autonomy at anchor for the on-board equipment, without starting the generator.

And once this period has elapsed, all that is needed is to run the generator for 1h30 to recharge the batteries for a new 24-hour autonomy cycle.

Another advantage of the hybrid motorisation, if you wish to leave a mooring discreetly, you will only have to manoeuvre with your two electric auxiliary engines in complete discretion.

As for the roll usually found on conventional trawlers, the two side floats of the LEEN correct this defect and stabilise the boat making anchoring highly comfortable.

It is not necessary to add a gyroscopic stabiliser on a LEEN to counteract roll.