Innovative and controlled technological solutions

On-board energy

The concept of the trimaran definitely meets the requirements of offshore sailing 2

An energy stock of at least 22 kWh (minimum) in 48 V for LEEN 56 and 33 kWh (minimum) for LEEN 72 is made possible by the lithium-ion battery fleet.
The advantages of this system : 

  • an efficient space/power ratio
  • an optimised service life
  • a slower discharge with use.
The concept of the trimaran definitely meets the requirements of offshore sailing 3

Energy regeneration is faster thanks to the lithium-ion batteries, which ensures a high level of autonomy for LEEN trimarans. Energy regeneration can be provided by the onboard generator and/or the internal combustion engine and its 48V alternator and/or by the solar panels.
These different regeneration solutions work both when sailing and at anchor.

The concept of the trimaran definitely meets the requirements of offshore sailing 4

This type of energy park also makes it possible to power the electric propulsion.


  • Multiplexing is on-board interconnectivity. This technology offers the possibility of being permanently informed of all on-board data from various sources within a single medium.
  • The advantage: to manage all the LEEN’s on-board equipment (engine, navigation, lights, hi-fi, etc…) from the wheelhouse or from the flying bridge. This is a guarantee of greater safety, ease and comfort
  • Multiplexing is available on 2 screens, at the helm station and at the flying bridge.
Des solutions technologiques innovantes et maîtrisées

The propulsion

LEEN-TRIMARANS fait le choix d’une solution propulsion hybride 3

https://leen-trimarans.com/why-a-trimaran-leen/engine-type/The choice of hybrid drive for the LEEN is particularly appropriate, as each of the drive systems operates within its optimum range of use. Performance, maintenance and consumption are favoured in all situations.

LEEN-TRIMARANS has chosen robust, reliable and approved systems from the professional systems and adapted them to the Yachting industry.

The Cummins main engines, “Intermitent Duty” for the 56 and “Heavy Duty” for the 72, have been designed to run 24 hour /7 day. For the electric motorisation LEEN-TRIMARANS has opted for Bellmarine, a manufacturer recognised for its electrical solutions. These electric motors are exceptionally reliable, as evidenced by their use in many professional vessels.

LEEN 72 6

The combustion engine ensures a cruising speed of around 9 knots.

The 2 electric motors allow :

  • To arrive or leave an anchorage silently
  • To ensure perfect manoeuvrability in ports
  • To ensure the backup with the combustion engine.

The 3 motors are mounted in line with the shaft in order to limit the intermediate components and consequently the mechanical wear of the systems. This assembly limits pressure losses and the propulsive efficiency is thus optimised.

LEEN-TRIMARANS is thus perfectly in line with the logic of travel and exploration yachts, less maintenance, more robust, more reliable, with better mechanical efficiency.