Hulls that have already proved their worth

The LEEN hull concept has already been selected and tested by the passenger transport specialist AUSTAL, an internationally renowned Australian shipbuilder, particularly well known for designing and building ferries.

Austal combines state-of-the-art shipbuilding skills and experience with innovative and efficient manufacturing processes.
AUSTAL has decided that a trimaran hull is the best solution for high-speed ferries. It notes that the trimaran hull shape offers greater potential and flexibility for the ship’s layout, while making the voyage more comfortable and pleasant for passengers.

LEEN hulls

A specially developed design for high-performance vessels

  • They are made of layered injected polyester, reinforced with Kevlar for live workings
  • The perfected technique for panel assembly on the frame ensures robustness, reliability and durability
  • The hulls have a very pronounced V-shaped hull in the forward section and horizontal stern lines, which makes the vessel efficient and therefore economical.

They are the result of extensive research in digital hull tanks

These tests reproduce all types of conditions, including the most extreme, at different speeds, as well as testing the stability of the hull.
LEEN trimarans will allow pleasure boaters to explore the oceans in complete safety and comfort.

Ideally designed to enhance comfort aboard

LEEN 72 33
  • While the water inlets at hull level are slender, the living quarters are in areas providing space, comfort and silence.
  • Anchoring stability is naturally ensured by the lateral floats with no need for a gyroscopic stabiliser.