LEEN 50 3

The slow life

LEEN 50 is a natural addition to our range of LEEN-TRIMARANS engine-powered trimarans. After the LEEN 56 and the LEEN 72, the shipyard wanted to add a new model to the range. It follows in the path of its big sisters in terms of elegance, performance, comfort, autonomy, safety and comfortable sea travel. This range is perfect for long-distance travel or coastal cruises, slow living, contemplation and escape.


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Overall length 50 ft
Overall beam 26 ft
Draft 3.28 ft
Displacement unloaded 20 metric Ton (approx.)
Fuel tank 818,93 US G.
Water tank 118 US G.
Engine type
Diesel engines 2x110 HP / 2x150 HP
hybrid engine under study
Additional engine
Electric 2 x 15 kW
Heat engine 2 x 30 HP
Naval architect Bernard Nivelt
Architect and interior design Pierre Frutschi
Certification Category A


The LEEN 50 makes good use of the large amount of space trimarans have. The owner’s cabin is on the same level as the main deck, with an island bed, washroom and separate toilets. There is a gangway that opens from the master cabin directly onto the outside deck.

Communal areas, saloon, dining room, galley and wheelhouse are on the same level. These open-plan living spaces are inviting, warm and bright with a 360° view. Moving around the area is easy.

The saloon’s table can be set up in 2 positions – in a high position for meals (with space for 8 people) and a low position for a living-room feel. The wheelhouse has a comfortable 3-seater bench seat opposite the navigational tools. There are 2 ways to get onto the outside deck – either through the bay windows in the saloon or through the side door in the wheelhouse.

There are two guest cabins in the central float with a shared bathroom. The front guest cabin can be fitted with either a double bed or two single bunk beds.

The boat’s forepeaks can be reached from outside and can be converted.

There is plenty of storage space both inside and out, which means that you can bring all the equipment you need for a lovely stay on board and long-distance cruising.

The layout of the cockpit is left to the owner. The flybridge can be fitted with solar panels to ensure that the boat can continue to run when anchored. There is a large sundeck on the flybridge.

There are covered walkways around the LEEN 50 which means that you can move around outside safely.

The boat’s pleasant handling, which is unique to the trimaran, has no striking paddles (like catamarans) or rolling effects (as seen in monohull boats). This is made possible thanks to centred weights in the central float. Indeed, all living and working areas and onboard weight are in the main float. Only the 2 engines, one per hull, are in the side floats.